Monday, August 10, 2009

Macaroni Soup from Xin Mei Congee

Clockwise from bottom: macaroni soup, soy bean milk, and yu sheng

That may look like a weird cloudy muck, but if you look closely, that bowl of soup is filled with macaroni. Yup - it was a bowl of Chinese soup noodles from stall 32 at 724 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, which I vowed to come back to after seeing it last time we were up here. As much of a culture clash as it might seem, I suppose that it served the purpose of providing a form of noodles, and in a convenient bite-sized form at that. Otherwise, the rest of the bowl tasted like local breakfast noodles, with a light yet rich porky broth dusted with white pepper and topped with a few garnishes.

Actually, this stall's specialization was Chinese porridge. While I didn't venture into that arena, their yu sheng caught my eye given how they sliced it into very long and thin pieces, so I grabbed a plate out of curiosity. But they ended up covering that thing in so many shredded veggies and chili peppers that one could hardly even notice the fish in there. I mean, I liked the seasonings, but it was really more of a salad than yu sheng.


foodbin said...

usually macaroni goes well with tomatoes sauce gravy-have not try it cook in soup.

tanya said...

the plate in the background looks like som tam, not yu sheng.