Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chwee Kueh and Michael Jackson

Chwee Kueh

Here's an updated photo of the chwee kueh from Jian Bo Shui Kueh, which is now at stall #02-05 in the new Tiong Bahru market. I can't believe how cheap this stuff was - a big order of ten of these things ran only S$2.50 (US$1.70). There's a lot of oil oozing out of the stuff though.

From front: Michael Jackson and Grass JellyOh - and here was that amusingly-named "Michael Jackson" drink, otherwise known as hei bai: literally "black white." It was basically a mix of white soy bean milk with strands of a black gelatin called grass jelly. It tasted fine - it was just a mildly sweet and milky drink. But one can't help but chuckle a bit at the name of this thing; I'd probably order another one on the basis of the name alone.


Buda said...

That is funny. I have ordered things based on the name alone too. The other day we were ordering sake at a Japanese restaurant and one of the bottles was called a "Beautiful Young Boy". So I got my friend to ask the pretty waitress to get him a beautiful young boy. She then asked him if he wanted it warm or cold and small or large. We had to share the sake so he ordered a large, cold beautiful young boy. Of course, our table were giggling hysterically.

Anonymous said...

that's awesome! and hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

large! hell yeah !

Joey said...

i prefer those at ck tangs basement ;p