Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sesame Chicken Rice at Tiong Bahru

Sesame Chicken Rice

This is turning into a bit of a chicken rice blog, eh? I assure you that it's not intentional. We just happened to be walking through the second floor of the new Tiong Bahru Market when I noticed that one of the birds hanging in the display case of stall number 47 was encrusted with sesame seeds. "Why is that chicken covered in sesame seeds?," I asked. "Because it's sesame chicken," the proprietor responded. One of my open palms quickly hurtled toward my face as I buried my eyes in it. "OK, let's give it a try," I thought.

To my dismay, my plate of chicken arrived doused in a thick gooey sauce. Worse, the sauce was sweet, while the chili sauce on the side also had a mildly bitter aftertaste, as if they ground laksa leaf into it or something. And the sesame seeds really didn't lend that much to it all aside from the texture. While the gooey sauce and laksa-infused chili sauce would no doubt be quite appealing to many palates, it unfortunately had the opposite effect on mine.

This probably would have been much more appealing to me had they just used a salty sesame oil covering on top of it like at Yeo Keng Nam. I suppose that sesame seeds themselves are no substitute for sesame least, not when they are covered in that gooey sauce. I should just ask to pass on the sauce next time.


BanBan said...

Ok, I stay near Tiong Bahru, but I have never seen this sesame chicken rice before.

Just just upon your site today. Looks great! =)

And you really, really, really eat a lot!

Kathy said...

The chilli had too many seeds which were not removed. Thus the bitter taste.