Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ah Yat Style Braised Beef on SQ

Cold drunken chicken salad and Ah Yat style braised beef brisket in red wine with vegetables and steamed rice

I'm not sure why it took me so long to realize this, but maybe one of the reasons why I've had so many bad airplane meals out of Hong Kong was simply because I never ordered the Chinese meal. So tonight, I figured that I'd give it a try, even if I really wanted the other meal instead.

Yeah, it made a difference. The cold drunken chicken to start was laced with a fragrant touch of alcohol on top of some pickled Chinese cucumbers, while the "Ah Yat-style braised beef brisket" sat in an easy-going sauce that helped to shovel down the rice on the side. (Presumably Ah Yat refers to the Hong Kong abalone chef, but I'm not quite sure what "Ah Yat-style" entails...can anyone explain?) I could easily envision eating a proper version all of this at a local Cantonese restaurant. Now I know: next time, order the Chinese meal when leaving HK.

Oh - and what a difference a half-loaded plane made too. Getting an entire row to myself in Economy Class let me spread myself out in comfort, while cabin service moved at lightning speed. Sure, it was still the old-school seats, but this experience was much more peaceful than on the flight up. And despite a 35 minute departure delay, somehow our arrival into Singapore was only 10 minutes late. That was a welcome consolation given how this was my third delayed flight (a rarity in Asia in my experience) in a timespan of just over one week.


Kyo said...

The mystery of Ah Yat:

Anonymous said...

*Smacks forehead* Always order the Chinese meal!

Anonymous said...

Yes, should always go local. Personally think that Cathay Pacific flights out of HKG have the best inflight chinese food ever.

Bryan said...

so agree to that!
Cathay Pacific has the best food out of HK no matter what Cuisine, and if you are lucky you get Haagen Dazs!!