Monday, September 15, 2008

Matthew Moran on SQ Econ Class

Stewed chicken in red wine garnished with pearl onion, sauteed spinach and tagiatelli pasta

I forgot to book my usual Hindu meal on SQ this time, but that turned out to be a good thing as a Matthew Moran creation was featured as one of the options tonight. And I liked it. Sure, the chicken was tough and dry, but I liked the mildly spicy and tangy edge of the red wine stew that was used, so much that it probably would be pretty darned easy to eat when served in a proper restaurant.

Notice the new SQ trays being used here? Unfortunately, that did not necessarily mean a new SQ plane. Yup, once again on this run to Hong Kong, SQ used a plane with old school seats and non-VOD screens. Heck, they didn't even come down the aisle with a standard drink service...instead it was just pre-poured orange juice for you to grab off a tray. I'm sure that was for efficiency purposes on this relatively short flight, but still, it made SQ look like any old boring airline.


naturefall said...

SQ started using new crockery and cutlery on some of their more premium flights, even though it was on an old plane... My flight to HKG has this, so did my flight to NRT... but not for my flight to BKK...

Anonymous said...

SQ is cutting cost or boosting other routes with newer planes.