Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pan Fried Chicken on SQ

Pan Fried Chicken with Coriander Sauce

Hey that was suprisingly good. SQ offered a pan fried chicken with potatoes and grilled vegetables for dinner in economy class tonight. The chicken was fluffy and the green coriander sauce was rich enough to wash it all down. Looks like they are starting to use these new square trays on all flights now too, even on the older planes (this one didn't even have the Krisworld VOD!).


marias23 said...

That looks good. Now I'm all curious about "fluffy"-tasting chicken. I don't know that anyone has ever described chicken as being or tasting fluffy :D

Anonymous said...


I chanced upon your blog a couple of weeks ago and have been following your entries. They are really insightful and well-written.

My company is in the midst of working on a project on Singapore food. I have some questions for you and if you don't mind spending a few minutes of your time answering some questions, could you please email me at

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Teresa said...

Reading your blog makes me very hungry!