Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Unlucky on UA Tonight

Grilled sole filet with lemon caper olive sauce, buttered rice, creamy savoy cabbage, sauteed broccoli, and turned pumpkin with apple spiced oatmeal crumble with vanilla sauce

In hindsight, it was really good that I stopped to grab that plate of salmon at the airport tonight, seeing how my flight was delayed by two hours (one of which, mind you, was sitting inside an un-air-conditioned airplane cabin in the stuffy Hong Kong summer heat while we were stuck at the gate). But when we finally did get airborne, this grilled sole dinner came out quickly, and tasted better than its appearance suggested. Too bad that I didn't get one of those planes with the new Business Class seats that United recently sent out to Asia though. Better luck next time.

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Pemmi said...

Need an update :D