Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My Best-Of List: Year Three

Wow - it's been three years now. This time I'm not going to mess around with any list of restaurants in Singapore; some of those places changed hands so many times that it was hard to keep it consistent. Instead, here is a list of the ten most mouth-watering meals that I've come across over the past year, regardless if it was in Singapore or not. Here it goes, in reverse chronological order:

Gogyo's "Burned Ramen" in Tokyo
Typhoon Shelter Crab in Hong Kong
Pozole in Mexico City
Hot Doug's in Chicago
A Muffeletta in New Orleans
Chakey's Salt Baked Chicken in Singapore
Pandan Coconut Dough Things in Singapore
La Vic's in San Jose
Wagyu Teppanyaki in Kobe
Xiao Ping Skewered Meat in Singapore

An honorable mention goes to Thunder Tea Rice in Singapore. Why? Well, you've heard of "carbon offsets," right? I consider this stuff to be a "cholesterol offset." If red meat and butter have entered my stomach recently, then I purify by loading up on Thunder Tea Rice. While arguably bland, I still find it tasty enough to eat with a smile, especially given how refreshing and healthy it is.


Anonymous said...

Thunder Tea Rice is a traditional dish of the Hakka people. In the past, they were mostly poor farmers so could only afford vegetables and tofu. The soup receipe differs from household to household. It is an acquired taste and I'm really surprise that you like it. Most people are turned off by the veggies and greenish soup. Hope it helps you off set your cholestrol from time to time!

Anonymous said...

Tsk stsk tsk, the real translation is not thunder tea. Anyone who has a good grasp of Chinese will tell you that it means 'ground tea/soup'. Totally wrong translation!