Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New Orleans' Central Grocery's Muffuletta


Damn, that was a good sandwich. This local specialty was apparently created here at the Central Grocery (923 Decatur Street, 504-523-1620), which on its own is already a cool little shop with which to buy your spices and pickles from.

But they have a counter on the right that sells muffulettas, or these gigantic round sandwiches that are just bursting with flavor thanks to all of the salami, cheese, oil, and pickled olives. This stone cold thing may not have looked like much, but it sure tasted amazing. Just be sure to give the extra portions to your friends, since even just half a muffuletta can be a challenge to finish.

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GF said...

The Muflettas are certainly good - Mother's Po Boys are not bad either.