Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Deanie's Seafood, New Orleans

Barbecue Shrimp

We were originally drawn here by great photos of shellfish piled up nice and high (841 Iberville Street, 504-581-1316, with the original location out in Metairie). So I was a bit bummed upon arrival tonight to find that boiled crawfish was still out of season, thus forcing me to settle for the "barbecue shrimp." As I later learned, this local dish wasn't really barbecued, but rather sitting in a pan loaded with spices and a red-colored oil.

It came complete with two super light baguette loaves that you could dip into that tasty oil, a bit like that Killer Shrimp place back in Southern California (man, if all bread were as light as this French stuff, then I'd be eating a lot more bread than I do today). All of this was fine and dandy except for one huge problem: the shrimp were disappointingly powdery. This was very odd considering that these guys seem to specialize in fresh shellfish (and indeed, the fried shrimp platter that we also got was much fresher...with a great light batter, BTW). So I don't know if I just hit a bad batch tonight or something.

Well, one interesting thing about this place was the free boiled potatoes that were provided at the start of the meal instead of the typical bread basket. You can butter them up if you'd like, but they are also already lightly seasoned with a hint of chili powder, which was a pleasant surprise. I guess I'm not getting any big piles of boiled crawfish on this trip though...what a bummer.


Dora said...

Wow. I went here a couple of weeks ago on vacation, and I totally agree with you on the BBQ shrimp!

I went to a couple of seafood places, and this was by far the worst.

The guy at our hotel told us this was the place to be for fried seafood, so we had that as an appetizer, but it was just so disappointingly vanilla. I swear, I've fried better calamari purchased off the frozen foods aisle of the grocery store.

Anonymous said...

oh wow... I'm disappointed.... we ate there several times back when they were in Metarie... and totally loved the BBQ Shrimp.. we've been looking for this recipe and have been unable to find it..

Anonymous said...

oopps if anyone has this recipe or similar, I'd love to give it a try..

Anonymous said...

Is it not strange how no one has posted a postive remark since 2005??????? We had out of town family come in and were very upset with the service and the taste of the fried half platter. It tasted like burnt oil.....seems that the late crowd are not due a good meal or service an hour before closing time.

Anonymous said...

I was there (Deanie's in the Quarter)in late July,2008 and found the BBQ shrimp to be excellent. I consider myself myself a real food snob and I'm rarely impressed by most restaurants, but I order the BBQ shrimp at Deanie's 2 time in 5 days. It may have been bad last year, but they have it down pat now!

Piercy said...

BBQ'd Shrimp were simply amazing! My girlfriend and i split a single serving and i could not finish my half. GO THERE FOR THE BBQ'd SHRIMP, i however was umimpressed with the fried crawfish.

It is very messy, but that was part of the charm.

RouxBDoo said...

I ate there on Thursday Mar. 12, the waiter was great and friendly, the BBQ Shrimp were awesome, and the fried softshell crabs were light and not at all greasy. I work in New Orleans alot, the food was great at Deanies in the French Quarter. I look forward to the bucktown location. You can read my blog post about my trip.