Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cemitas El Carmen, Puebla, Mexico

Cemita de Chipotle Relleno

My aforementioned colleague also recommended that I grab another speciality of Puebla's called cemitas, which is basically a local sandwich. While there were plenty of places selling cemitas, I stopped at a big shop right around the block (Reforma 321, 246-1524) that I had noticed earlier.

All sorts of fillings were available, with a "Milanese" (read: breaded) beef seemingly the most popular. I grabbed the chipotle relleno instead as I was hoping for a bit of a smoky spicy flavor to result from it. While it ended up being much more subtle than I was expecting (it wasn't like the big taste of a muffeletta), I did enjoy how smoothly it all came together. This was no doubt assisted by all of the other things that were shoved in here, including avocado, onions, pickled chili peppers, and a load of string cheese that just dangled out of the sides.

But there was one thing in here that I absolutely detested. I don't know what the name of it was, but it was some small thin oval-shaped dark green leaf that emanated a flavor that I could neither describe nor eat. (It was kind of like that diep ca leaf in Vietnam...not the same taste, but the same strong reaction to it.) Once I manually removed those offending leaves though, the sandwich was very easy to eat quickly.

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