Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Number 24 from Togo's Sandwiches

Togo's Number 24 on Parmesan Bread

I guess this has become a bit of an unintentional nostalgia run. Out of convenience before rushing off to a meeting today, we hit up Togo's, a Northern California sandwich chain that I haven't been to in ages. They've changed their logo a bit, and the bread selection seems different (wasn't there one with onion baked on the outside?), but the signature numbering scheme is still there, including my favorite number 24, or turkey and avocado, complete with pepperoncini to give it some bite. While definitely not as amazing as Potbelly Sandwich Works, Togo's always fared better than Subway in my mind precisely because of all of those ingredients.


JadedOne said...

Heh, did you go to the one in Sunnyvale with the bar? Near Java St.?

Kelli said...

I love Togo's! That is one place you can always get a consistent sandwich with lots of meat and toppings. My favorite is #9!