Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fonda de Santa Clara, Puebla, Mexico

Mole Poblano de Pollo

Taking a two hour ride out of Mexico City over to Puebla was a top priority for me on this trip given how the latter is known for its food. One dish in particular, mole poblano, is the place's best-known creations, so I took my local colleague's recommendation to come down to this restaurant (3 Poniente 307, 242-2659). He said that after having lived in Puebla for two years, he felt that the best mole poblano around was to be found here.

Surely enough, it was the first thing on the menu, and it came out with the signature brown sauce ladled over a yellow chicken leg. The sauce was velvety smooth and rich thanks to the chocolate, but was still mildly spicy rather than annoyingly sweet. That made the chicken an ease to ingest, even if the single leg wasn't exactly very filling. No worries...there is still plenty of food that I plan to get in Puebla, so not being completely full (even after loading up on the surprisingly savory rice and thick tortilla chips on the side) was exactly what I wanted.


Anonymous said...

You're so lucky! I've always dreamt about having mole Poblano in Puebla (only tried Americanized versions of them in San Francisco & am not sure how authentic they are).

carlos david said...

hello I congratulate you, the mole is delicious, you need to try enchiladas with mole, also another very tasty dish is mexico posole, pozole with tostadaz is very tasty, also test the chilakiles that are good for hangovers.