Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pho Lan, Prinsep Place

Pho Bo

Yes, this was somewhat of an intentional pho streak over these past few days. I actually tried coming down here for lunch the other day (44A Prinsep Street next to Trattoria Lafiandra, 6835-9441), only to find that they didn't open until 5 PM. When I finally made it down here today, I found that - contrary to what the name suggests - this wasn't a dedicated pho shop featuring various cuts of beef for your picking...instead, there was just a single pho bo available amidst all sorts of other Vietnamese dishes. Moreover, the place doubled up as a Western restaurant called Fillet (oddly, you could get buffalo wings here), and they also had all sorts of artwork on display.

Well, I came for the Vietnamese food, so that's what I was going to try. And it generally worked for me. The goi cuon rolls were short and stubby but wrapped pleasantly freshly and firmly. The pho broth was a bit more cinnamon-y than I am used to, but I still slurped it all up quickly. I probably won't be coming here again on my own initiative (my preference is for a more humble and dedicated pho shop like Pho Hoa or Pho 24...even if they are mass chains), but I left here with a half-decent impression nonetheless.

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