Sunday, December 25, 2005

Pho Hoa Singapore

Large J3 Tai Nam Gau

Pho Hoa is a big chain in the US, and we're fortunate enough to have a branch out here in Singapore (18 Lorong Mambong, 6467-3662). I find the light broth here much more satisfying than some of the other Vietnamese places around town. And this place has a great oily lemongrass chili sauce that is quite unique. It's too bad their goi cuon fresh rice paper rolls are so pathetically limp though - that's where Indochine comes in much better.

Goi CuonAnd in case anyone back in California is wondering how different Pho Hoa is out here, the broth is pretty much the same great taste we've come to love. They also apparently use the same marketing logos and bowls. The only differences are subtle: instead of California jalapenos, they give bits of a local red chili pepper (in addition to the lemongrass chili oil, which I believe is a bit unique to this shop in Holland V). I'm also having trouble finding soda chanh here (which I do miss), as they tend to provide the local lime juice so common across Singapore instead. But otherwise, Pho Hoa seems pretty consistent - broth-wise, anyway.

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shyboy-in-japan said...

You should check out Pho24 in Hanoi if you ever get the chance.