Friday, July 01, 2005

Pho Bac So 1, San Jose

Pho Bac So 1, San Jose

This is a pho shop that we'd never been to before, but we stopped here out of pure convenience as it was near the San Jose airport. And it turned out to be pretty good: a thin broth but still tasty with lots of fresh ingredients. The soda chanh was also fresh. The only disappointment was the lack of Vietnamese sandwiches, which was very surprising considering it has a bakery called "Chez Croissant" occupying part of the place, as if it were part of the French influence supplying pate and baguette.

Anyway, this place is pretty good. I'll try to keep it in mind next time I'm near San Jose airport. And they are open early for breakfast.


Anonymous said...

I had my first bowl of Pho with you back in the mid-90's on Castro Street in Mountain View. "What's this chewy thing?" I asked. "Probably a tendon".
Great, hungryboy.

Anne said...

Please get RSS so I can hook up. You need to give addresses too.