Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Saigon's Pho 24 Really is in Singapore Now

Pho Tai Nam Sach

Yup, Pho 24 from Saigon really is in Singapore now (Millenia Walk #01-26, 6337-4475). Adorned with that same signature green logo, this place is in fact sitting on the former grounds of the old Big O Cafe (which in turn was on the grounds of the old Philly's Flavors).

Was the pho the same? Unfortunately, I got a bit too excited with the huge chunks of lime that I changed taste of the broth too much before trying its untainted form. But the bowl went down quickly enough, so I suppose that was a good thing.

And while the fresh spring rolls were disappointingly limp (and took forever to come out), that won't deter me from coming back. The chain's move into Singapore is definitely a welcome one.


Anonymous said...

The Pho is not bad but not the drinks though. The Guava Juice, Soda and Lime, and Vietnamese Coffee, which are listed as highly recommended in the menu, are quite disappointing.

Anonymous said...

finally got to try it last night. there was a long queue of people waiting, when it got to my turn, the stock was out.. but the boss said it'd be replenished in 20mins. so we waited.. when we finally got served, it didnt taste a bit like the ones we had in vietnam. somehow it tasted like chicken broth.. i;m gonna give them another chance, maybe go on one of those quiet afternoons.

mama bok said...

That's really good news to Singaporeans.. :)

Dr Mike Loh said...

Checked the place out on Monday, Oct 8. Quite nice. Soup less oily than the version in Vietnam, but very little pieces of beef and not as tasty as the Pho 24 I tried in Ho Chi Minh City. Restaurant is new, clean and cheerful. 14 variations of pho on offer. Dinner however was spoilt by a kitchen staff who was using the phone at the cashier counter - she yakked and yakked on top of her voice from our appetizer to our main course to our trang mieng (dessert) despite my gently telling a waitress to ask her to hush up.

Dr Mike Loh.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love Vietnamese food! The pho's great.

CHUA said...

Pho 24. I just got back from Ho Chi Minh City and was happy Pho 24 is here in Singapore but a little out of the context, I found a gem during my visit to Ho Chi Minh City. Ate at a noodle place where they sell VN Pho with guessed what.... lala or clams. Spicy soup was really nice plus some of its signature drink Green Ocean (calamansi with mint leave) was really refreshing. More shocking is the owner of this shop is a Singaporean. Located at 276 Le Thanh Ton, District 1. HCMC. 5 mins walk from the famous Ben Thanh market.