Friday, September 21, 2007

George's on Fifth, San Diego

Prime Rib

This place, known as G5 for short, (835 5th Ave, 619-702-0440) was allegedly voted as one of the best steakhouses 2002, anyway. So I was a bit puzzled to find it hardly filled on a Friday night in the Gaslamp Quarter. Anyway, they of course had plenty of cuts of meat available. I was in the mood for something on the juicier side, so I opted for their prime rib weekend special.

Whoa - what a letdown. The prime rib was surprisingly tough (it was quite a strain just to cut it with a knife and fork), and not all that tasty either. Sure, they gave a huge portion, but having all of that quantity actually became more of a burden given that I didn't really care too much for the taste. The quality of the artichoke that I got on the side was also disapppointingly tough near the base.

My colleagues who all got grilled steak seemed very happy with their selections though, so maybe it was just my bad luck and fault with ordering the wrong things (I suppose that prime rib should best be had at a prime rib restaurant instead). Or maybe my perception of beef has just been completely distorted by all of that wagyu that I've been eating lately.

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