Tuesday, August 15, 2006

50% off the "New Menu" At Lawry's

English Cut

Lawry's is running a promotion this month, proudly boasting of 50% off anything on their "new menu," as long as you also order a prime rib too. I wasn't exactly going to turn down any deal at Lawry's, so we went over there tonight.

Oven Baked Rack of LambThe so-called "new menu" featured things like a Pastry Beef Tenderloin, Steam Baked Boneless Chicken Breast, and Pan Seared Salmon Filet. We went for the Oven Baked Rack of Lamb, which unfortunately I didn't like at all. Sure, it was tender and all, but the sweet honey coating and breadcrumbs on this thing was a huge turnoff for me (it almost seemed like cereal prawns...but on lamb chops). It's a good thing that the prime rib was required as part of the package then, as it still proved tasty as ever (I went for the thinner English cut tonight).

When I got the check in the end, I realized why this was actually such a good deal for Lawry's. Sure, it sounded like a huge discount at 50% off, but in the end, that only saved us about 15-20% off the total bill (after factoring in the prime rib, drinks, service charges, etc.). And yet Lawry's pulled us in for the kill. Well, it was worth it (the prime rib, anyway), but the price tags obviously don't warrant eating here all the time.


molly said...

hi just chanced upon your blog. may i know if the prime rib is also 50% off if you just order that alone without the new menu? my son just looooves roast prime rib and he is there right no studying in NUS. if it isn't, can you recommend a good steak place that students can afford? thank you so much. :-)

D said...

Correct me if I'm wrong Bryan (I'm too lazy to look for my bill) but I'm pretty sure only the new menu items are at 50% off i.e. not the primerib.

bma said...

Yup - that's right. The 50% off is only for the "new menu" items, and it's conditional upon ordering a cut of prime rib at full price. Hence, that's why the total discount from our final bill for two people ended up being only about 15-20% or so, depending on what other sides and stuff they con you into.

And no, the prime rib is definitely not at student prices. The cuts range from S$54.80 to S$94.80 (US$32.25 to US$55.75), so it's really more for special occasions and corporate expense accounts. I don't know if I can really think of any affordable steak places, to be honest. There are definitely some cheap chains like Jack's Place, which I'm not a fan of, but I suppose I wouldn't have minded it back in my student days. Anyway, we had a similar discussion here if you want to read up.

neub detat said...

They also recently had a 41% for National Day. I was lucky enough to get an invite. Fantastic meal, though I think my cousins couldn't really appreciate the food.