Friday, December 16, 2005

Lawry's The Prime Rib, Singapore

Carving up a fat juicy Diamond Jim Brady

Mmm...Lawry's! This is an old favorite of mine from back in LA, and fortunately, there is one right in the middle of Singapore (Paragon #02-30, 6836-3333). It's great: there really isn't anything else on the menu except for how thick you want your prime rib cut, after which they wheel a big metal cart by your table and carve away, throwing on scoops of sides like their spinach or corn. I used to always get the Diamond Jim Brady cut as it is the largest one (with the bone in it), although lately I have migrated more toward the English cut, which tends to be a bit tastier since it is sliced very thin. Still, tonight, I was craving a huge chunk of juicy meat, so I opted for the "DJB," as my friends back home and I used to call it.

The Diamond Jim Brady

And fortunately, it is just as good in Singapore as it is back home: juicy, tender, and tasty. They provide both a creamy horseradish sauce as well as raw horseradish for extra kick. And who can beat their spinach mixed with bacon and onions? Throw in their mashed potatoes and Yorkshire pudding, and you've got one heck of a meal.

Lawry's Spinning SaladIs there anything I don't like about Lawry's? I don't like beets, and their "spinning salad" (named such because they spin the salad bowl on a bed of ice while tossing the salad dressing in) features some beet in their salad. But it's not as bad as it sounds - it's actually only a few very small slices that I can bear with, and beets aside, I really do like their salad, especially when dumping their special Lawry's seasoned pepper on top. Yum.

So we've got both Morton's and Lawry's here in Singapore - yay! The only place that seems to be missing from here now is Ruth's Chris, which unfortunately does not have a presence here. I think they have branches in Hong Kong and Taipei though, so hopefully I'll get a chance to grab some of that sizzling-butter filet soon (or maybe on my next trip to the States).

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