Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mister Tiki Mai Tai Lounge, San Diego

1/2 Lb Kobe Beef Burger

Being stuck at a corporate event this week meant getting dragged to this plasticky Polynesian themed place (801 Fifth Avenue, 619-233-1183), complete with tacky umbrella-attached mai tais and an odd menu featuring sushi and Korean ribs (but no spam musubi nor pork lau lau). The only thing that I could bring myself to order was the 1/2 lb Kobe beef burger. The relatively tasty and tender patty admittedly did go down quickly, but there wasn't really much else to get me excited. My dining companions didn't seem too happy with their selections either.

Anyway, more notable was how my Japanese colleague explained that Kobe and Matsusaka beef are considered to be the best in Japan, while Miyazaki comes in below that. I am not sure whether these guys here in San Diego really used Kobe beef or if it were a more generic wagyu, but at least it was reasonably priced at just $12.

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arriano said...

Yet another guy who doesn't "get" tiki culture, cuisine, etc. Just stick to your Starbucks and sushi bars.