Friday, September 14, 2007

A Couple of UA Long Haul Meals

Scrambled eggs with grilled chicken sausage, corned beef hash, sauteed spinach, and oven-roasted tomato with herbs

Here were some of the meals on today's UA long haul from to San Francisco. It was good to see that there was no omelette on the way up either; I did like those "scrambled" eggs and corned beef hash, as well as the very small portion of overcooked (but still tasty) pasta on the way in. It was also very relieving to be able to access the famous Narita Beer Machine halfway there.

Home-style pork tonkatsu with Japanese-style curry sauce

Connecting on from Narita, it was good to see not just one, but two Japanese meal selections available (the non-Japanese meal was - you guessed it - filet mignon). I was very happy to see katsu kare featured, especially in light of recent discussions about Japanese curry on airplanes. Unfortunately, the tonkatsu was not anything to write home about (and the curry didn't exactly hit the right marks either), but hey, this was on an airplane after all. Let's hope that United keeps more variety coming.

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Kelly Chan said...

Damn it...

You are not only jetting around places but on Business class too!