Friday, July 13, 2007

No Filet nor Omelette on United!

Korean barbecue beef with bulgogi sauce

Whoa - did I read that menu correctly? United's menu back to Asia today did not feature any filet mignon nor omelette! Instead, there was a "Korean barbecue beef with bulgogi sauce" and "pesto ciabatta with mesquite turkey." Of course, the menu's name for the former led me to believe that it was going to be thinly-sliced bulgogi, so I was a bit surprised when I saw those huge chunks of meat arrive. It wasn't something so tasty that I'd crave it, but at least it was a break from the usual (and despite the tough leathery look in the photo, this stuff actually crumbled apart quite easily).

Pesto ciabatta with mesquite turkeySimilarly, the pesto ciabatta (or "hot sandwich" as the flight attendant put it) reminded me a bit of the open-faced sandwich I had on a domestic UA flight sometime back and was a bit too heavy on the bread for me. But hey - at least it wasn't an omelette. Too bad there was a human hair in my sandwich though. The shrimp in the "lemon grass skewered shrimp and Genoa salami" starter earlier in the day were peculiarly absent from my plate too, even though my neighbor got them.


fluffylyd said...

i think i can see the hair on the plate there.. thats gross! haha

Kathy said...

I'm guessing that you collect miles on Star Alliance. Have you tried any of the partner airlines? Perhaps they would have better food.

SQ really sucks - the cold prawn appetiser on economy class has been on the menu for 20 years now!, though you do seem to get nice treats once in a while. I can't believe UAL doesn't update their menu more frequently.

My personal favourties are Cathay Pacific & Thai Airways. It's a pity they aren't in the same mileage group.