Saturday, June 18, 2005

"The Narita Beer Machine" at the UAL lounge


I remember on one of my first trips to Japan, my friend said, "hey come into the UA lounge with me - there's a really cool beer machine in there!" And indeed, now I always go in there for the beer machine: take a cold glass from the refrigerator, place it in the beer dispensing machine, press the beer button, and away it goes, tilting your glass and finishing it off with just a little bit of head for a really nice creamy taste (and I hate head on my beer too!). The little Japanese crackers are a nice complement to the Japanese beer. I'm not sure what brand of beer it is though.

And this thing always strikes up conversation. I remember some people once complaining that they couldn't find the beer (cans/bottles), and that it was ridiculous for an airline lounge to not have beer...only to feel silly when they finally saw the machines pouring away. Today, sure enough, the guy next to me was saying "ah the Narita Beer Machine!" Try it next time you fly United via Narita.


And oh yes, on the way out, I found these peculiar little squares marked "kiri" - I wasn't sure if they were chocolate or what. So I grabbed one, and it turned out to be a nice creamy cheese. Having shoved the entire piece of cheese in my mouth, I needed to find crackers. Looking around - oh - there are saltines! I love cheese. It turns out that this is actually a processed cheese from France.

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