Sunday, April 15, 2007

Takeaway Fish & Chips from Greenwood Ave

Fish & Chips

Here's the takeaway version of fish & chips from Greenwood Avenue Fish Market. This left a much better impression on me than their in-house version, as it was much more humble and without any of that lame salad on the side. The batter was much lighter than I remembered it too, despite having traveled home wrapped in a brown paper bag. No, they didn't give any malt vinegar (and yes, that is a sweet Thai sauce that you see next to the tartar sauce), but I've kinda given up on expecting it now, lest I just be disappointed more.

Anyway, this turned out pleasant enough that I'm inspired enough to come back to this place again and try some of that other stuff on the menu (the dining room didn't look as messy as last time either). And while I may still prefer Fishermen's Wharf's fish and chips slightly over this (I love the chips over there), I definitely won't be complaining if anyone brings this home to me in that brown paper bag again.

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Lydear Look said...

Malt vinegar? Did you try Botak Jones? They have 3 branches around Singapore. It's fame comes from this "Ang Moh" running a fish & chips store in the coffeeshops.
Botak Jones always have malt vinegar. But bear in mind the fish and chips is beaded, not battered. Check out their website for the location. http://www.
I was wondering who in the world eats malt vinegar. But they always provide that. The quality of the fish and chips not too bad though.