Monday, April 09, 2007

Timbre, Armenian Street

Timbre's Thin Crust Pizza with the Three Mushroom topping on the left and the salami and olive topping on the right

This place (45 Armenian Street, 6338-8227) seemed interesting enough: an alfresco spot across from SMU featuring local bands and an all-night thin crust pizza menu that we were told was pretty good. While the location was pretty cool (smack in the middle of the city yet just a touch of the beaten path enough to feel removed from the concrete jungle), we left rather unsatisfied.

The garlic shrimp listed under the tapas section naturally made us think of gambas al ajillo, but what we got instead were mushy shrimp sitting on a bed of leaves and almost literally blanketed with what seemed to be bottled pre-minced garlic (ugh!). The fish and chips sounded interesting with its chickpea batter, but that made the batter so hard that it was like eating peanut brittle (and yes, a puzzled look appeared when we asked for vinegar). And the pizza? Well, the crust certainly was the thinnest I'd ever seen, but it was so thin that it was completely was almost like an open-faced burrito of sorts, yet filled with pizza toppings. Granted, the ingredients actually did taste OK in the end, but if I wanted pizza from a bar, then I'd rather go to Emerald Hill.

Then again, I don't suppose these guys were really looking to make food the main selling point...instead, it's clearly geared at music. In that sense, I wouldn't mind coming back to get a beer and check out some of these bands (just the other day, a friend and I discussed how there seemed to be a lack of live music venues around here). But I'll be sure to eat beforehand...or at least, I'll just stick to the


Rippin said...

I really enjoy reading about your food adventures. I have a question, though. What sort of occupation allows you to travel so much and the freedom to sightsee and eat at will! I need a profession like that!

Kathy said...

There's a pizza place at Republic Plaza. Wonder if it's any good?

Anonymous said...

for the best pizza go to east coast road. it's just a few shophouses away from the beach road prawn mee that you went to previously. it's a restaurant called alforno and it's opposite a coffee shop that sells the best fried hokkien prawn mee. it's also along the same line of shops as margaritas (an extremely good mexican food diner/restaurant)and a place that specialises in fish head bee hoon that is not particularly amazing. i urge you to try alforno and margaritas and the friend hokkien prawn mee.

monsterwoof said...

I think he has been to Al Forno. A search of the blog (top left hand corner) brought me to

Anonymous said...

my favorite pizza is the icb pizza at no.5 emerald hill...the crust is thin and biscuit like, yet the toppings and sauce remain as they are. no embarrassing drips and mess. the prawns are fresh and cheese and herb topping aren't too strong and overpowering.

i love no. 5.

Clancie said...

I had dinner at Timbre tonight, even though I was a little skeptical about this place after reading this entry on it.

Indeed, it has the thinnest crust for its pizza, but I was a little disappointed with the stingy portion of ingredients on it. It was more like savoury crepes (if you folded a portion of the pizza with like, 2 pieces of chicken into it). The only good thing was that you could do a half-half pizza, so you can try different toppings. However, one of my half was supposed to be Triple Mushrooms (3 kinds were stated on the menu) but I swear there was only one type! The cajun chicken half, didn't taste that fantastic either.

My entree of Lamb and Mushroom kebab was not too bad. I have to grumble about how long I had to wait for the food though. Every other table that came later than mine had their food served before mine! Besides, I gotta warn u guys not to sit under the trees. I'm not sure if it's becos it was raining today, but there were lots of red ants on the table! I felt really uncomfortable, itching all over! Good thing, by then, I was done with dinner. Makes me wonder what I was really eating in the dark though. I couldn't even stay till 10pm for the band to start playing!