Friday, July 15, 2005

Wings and Pizza at Ice Cold Beer, Singapore

This place is a post-work drinking hangout with - as you guessed, Ice Cold Beer (pretty cheap too - for Singapore, anyway). But believe it or not: the bar food stands out here, and is rather unique. The chicken wings are prepared with some sort of mild shrimp paste and Chinese wine in the batter, which produces a really nice taste when deep fried in grease. We'll come here and clear dozens of wings on their own.

The other star of this pub is the "No. 5 Pizza" (from its next door partner at 5 Emerald Hill). Probably one of the thinnest and crispiest crusts you'll ever have (it's like a thin cracker), it features pepperoni and jalapeno. Yum.

If you come to Ice Cold, get a dozen wings, a No. 5 pizza, and happy hour suds. It's a great thing to hit your belly after a long week at work. (But stay away from that San Mig Light - nasty!)


Anonymous said...

Why's San Mig Light nasty? It's a great beer in my opinion. I'm from the Philippines, that's why. Hehe!

Imma try ICB some time. BTW, how much does the nasty San Mig Light cost? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh snaps! This post was from 2 years ago! Darn! Hahahaha!