Sunday, March 04, 2007

Highlander Bar, Clarke Quay

Haggis Delight

I've never been to Scotland before, and don't really expect to be going there anytime soon. And short of a random Scotch egg or deep fried Mars bar from these parts, I've never really had Scottish food either. So I popped on down to Highlander today for lunch (Clarke Quay Block 3B #01-11, 6235-9528), where they had none other than that quintessential Scottish dish known as haggis. I've always wanted to try this notorious concoction, and now I finally had the chance.

Many people have mentioned to me that this stuff, despite its stuffings of sheep lungs and innards, is actually pretty good. I didn't quite know what to expect then, but after just one bite, any pre-conceived notions I had of this thing were blown completely out of the water; it was creamier than I thought it would be, and one could hardly even taste any of the offal aside from a mild tinge that helped to give it more character rather than being anything too distracting. In fact, it was more about the mushy oatmeal than anything else...almost like salty Quaker Oats but being much heartier and richer. I liked it.

Soup of the Day and Bannockburn Pale AleNow, I have no reference point for how authentic this was. They didn't do any of that prerequisite chanting that apparently is usually done with a full loaf of this stuff, and I wasn't quite expecting these guys to arrange things in such a posh manner either (this came with a half-decent soup as part of the lunch set, BTW). I don't know if I'll ever be going to Scotland anytime in the near future, but I'll definitely eat this again without hesitation. In fact, I may just start to crave it.


Anonymous said...

did u try ralf+james.. apparently the chef worked in gordon ramsay's 3star restaurant in england before...

Anonymous said...

Did you notice if they have McEwan's Scotch Ale? I like it a lot but haven't been able to find it in Singapore. Are there any places you might suggest for good beer? I've never been all that impressed with Brewerkz actually.

bma said...

There might have been...I don't remember, as they were sold out of most of their beers that day. McEwan's is a John Smith beer though, right? I did notice a shop on Pahang Street advertising John Smith beer a while back, but I haven't been there yet (and I won't be surprised if they are all bottled).

It sounds like you're an ale person? Yeah, I haven't had much luck around here either, and have had to fall back on going to places like the Pennyblack on Boat Quay for some Old Speckled Hen (which isn't exactly one of my faves, but at least they have it on tap there). The pickings are slim either way.

Well, I did notice one of the pubs along River Valley (across from Mohamed Sultan) with a Newcastle Brown sign out front, although I don't know exactly what they have inside. And there are a few microbreweries starting to pop up here and there that might have some relief, but I haven't tried them all. In fact, there is a microbrewery right next door to Highlander that I haven't gone to yet, but let me know if you find anything good.