Saturday, November 25, 2006

Breakfast from Da Paolo Pizza Bar

Omelette Con Salmone

Da Paolo Pizza Bar serves breakfast on weekends for some reason, so we popped on down here today to check it out. There were only about six items on the breakfast menu, consisting of basically just the usual pancakes and eggs and such rather than anything I'd imagine to be really Italian (aside from maybe a frittata). So I just grabbed an omelette, or the omelette con salmone, as the menu tried to put it.

I was a bit surprised when it came out then, that it wasn't salmon inside the omelette, but rather put on the side completely separately. I'm not quite sure what the intention was here then, as the omelette thus was rather plain, and there was no bagel or anything to go with what was basically just lox (and they even included cream cheese on the plate). This was puzzling - it was as if they put two half dishes together, neither of which were complete. Well, the omelette was piping hot and done just right, but being plain made it a bit boring (yeah, bacon...or salmon inside might have helped).

Bloody MaryOther items today were similarly a bit of a letdown. The French toast was a yawner, and the Bloody Mary they made me was surprisingly weak: not weak in alcohol, but weak in seasonings, as if they hardly put any Worchester sauce in it (I had to ask for Tabasco and salt and such at the table just to get this thing going with a little more kick). Even the service that I so delightfully praised about them was a bit off today. Well, in the end, it was all still fine, but just a letdown given that we usually expect so much from Da Paolo.

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V said...

I agree with you on the serivce, ordered the same as you, and whilst I got toast to wait for the food, when the plate with cream cheese arrived, there was no toast / bagel / or anything to spread it on!
This is also one of the rare places not serving freshly pressed orange juice for breakfast...