Friday, November 10, 2006

A Bagel From Something To Go

Salmon Breakfast Set

Following up on last night, I stopped by Something To Go today on my way to work to grab one of those bagels. When I asked for cream cheese and lox with it, they pointed me to a so-called "breakfast set" that basically had all the lox neatly laid out in one of their black plastic boxes together with cream cheese, capers, tomatoes, onions, and some thin sour-tasting cream that I couldn't quite identify.

I guess this was a DIY bagel? Fine, although they didn't give any utensils to help with this, so I had to ask them to cut the bagel for me (I tried asking them to toast it for me too, but she threw me a confused look in return). This all tasted fine, and at S$6 (US$3.75) was much cheaper than I was expecting for a place that charged S$27 for that box from last night. But at that price, I would have at least expected them to assemble everything for me.

Well, this wasn't a true bagel shop anyway, as their selection was fairly limited amidst all the other pastries and things they had on display there. It's definitely still better than those fake bagels that I had the other day.

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wanderinrhapsody said...

You can also get bagels from the supermarket at Tanglin Mall. Though they can't beat those from Einstein Bros, they are probably the closest you can find in Singapore. =)