Thursday, March 16, 2006

Salsa Tex Mex, Boat Quay

Cheese EnchiladaI should have known better than to go to a place called "Salsa Tex Mex" (and in such a touristy area), but I guess I was hoping to be surprised with good food (52 Boat Quay, 6533-1282). Alas, I was not. It was downhill right from the start. The service was slow and inattentive; I had to remind them to bring me chips and salsa, the former of which was stale, and the latter of which was likely pre-made and bottled (they had some other one that was fresh, but it was a wierd fruity salsa with beans and corn in it too). The tortilla soup tasted like mildly sweet tomato soup from a can (with barely any tortilla in it, I might add), and the cheese enchilada wasn't much better than a microwaved TV dinner (and it didn't even come with beans or rice).

Well, the hunt for good Mexican food (OK, so this is actually Tex Mex, but who's counting?) in Singapore is still unresolved: this place is not much different from Margarita's or Santa Fe (and I'm not too excited about trying those places in Holland Village either). I suppose it's not really fair for me to try to find good Mexican (pseudo or otherwise) in Singapore though; that would be like trying to find good chili crab in California, which obviously isn't a very likely scenario either.


Mama BoK said...

Have you tried Chico and Charlie's at Liat Towers...??

shakester said...

we quite enjoyed the food at Cha Cha Cha, and a little less so at El Patio. both Holland V.

The Gumbo Guy from earlier said...

I was gonna recommend Chico's and Charlies at Liat Towers too. It was good when I went, but that was ages and AGES ago.

Anonymous said...

I"m an American, of Japanese ethnicity(Living here now for 5 years), and I've given up on trying anything Mexican here.

They don't understand the concept or the flavours. It's suppose to be dirt cheap lunch food. The chips are freebies- and the salsa too.

The basic problem is that they use some sort of pratha guideline for the torilla's and get it all wrong.

Anonymous said...

Salsa finally closed in 2006. I found them to be the best in S'pore foodwise (quality) though I agree that their service could have been better.
Cha Cha Cha's - I have kept trying this over the years and they continue with substandard minced beef in their dishes (large gistle pieses).
The hunt for Tex Mex continues in 2007!