Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Las Manitas Avenue Cafe, Austin, TX


Looking for something local to eat in Texas, it came down to either BBQ, steak, or Mexican. Knowing that I already have the first two lined up for later in the week, I opted for Mexican. I heard about this "hole in the wall" down the street (211 Congress Ave, 512-472-9357). I opted for the cheese enchiladas de michoacan, which supposedly had a spicy sauce. But it wasn't spicy at all, and was a bit of a disappointment in that the sauce had little carrot slices in it (I hate cooked carrots). Actually, the cheese was still tasty, and I loved the rice and beans. The service was also decently fast (apparently the place used to cater to construction workers who needed to eat in a jiffy). But the food lacked punch...was it the Tex-Mex localization? I felt that I could get better Mexican food in California (I was also suprised at how small the portions were - aren't we in Texas??).

It sure was packed though - even by 11:30, the lunch crowd was piling in. And it looks like this places closes early - like 4PM, so don't make it a dinner place. In fact, it looks like I may have simply ordered the wrong thing; there are accolades hanging from the wall for the migas, apparently a Tex-Mex omlette of sorts from their big breakfast menu (they open at 7 AM). Too bad I won't have time this week to come here for breakfast, although I wish I could. In fact, there were so many food places that looked good in this area (apparently Iron Works is a good BBQ place - and I even passed by what looked like the fanciest Mongolian BBQ place I'd ever seen too). It's a shame that I won't have more time here.


Matt said...

Yeah your right the food isn't that spicy. However, you wandered into a central american restaurant, not a mexican. If you get a chance to go back to Austin try my personal favorite Habanarro's for lunch. I'm stuck in Singapore right now and starting to my search for mexican food. I'm gonna try Chico and Charlie's tonight.

Anonymous said...

Next time you're in Texas, for authentic mexican food try Rosita's or Enriques in Corpus Christi. or my personal favorite a stand up taco stand called Grandma's Gorditas for Texas sized tacos.try the carne guisada. Most people can't finish even one taco let alone two.Remember the closer you are to Mexico the better the mexican food. This has been my experience because they're are simply fewer Chicano's as you move further from ther Austinand Dallas, no McAllen and Corpus Christi, Yes. Get it!