Monday, January 09, 2006

Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant

Aji Tataki

Asupara MakiKushigin was completely full tonight (wow!), so I swung over to Shinjuku (22 Cavenaugh Road, 6734-8436), which I think is actually related to Kushigin somehow (?). Anyway, I got my usual izakaya fare, all of which proved to be decent, including the maguro natto, asupara maki, and tanuki udon. A couple standouts that I grabbed included the chopped raw horse mackerel aji tataki, which was nice and refreshing, as well as the shiitake bataa, which, although a bit salty, was still tasty (hey - it's basically butter, garlic, and mushrooms).

Gyu Tataki

What really sealed the meal for me was the gyu tataki. Although the seared beef was still a bit frozen in the center, it featured a triple dragon-breath (but oh so tasty) punch of raw garlic, onions, and scallion condiments. I'll keep this place in mind as a good dependable standby.


mel said...

Headed to Kushigin on sunday afternoon, wanted to have lunch there after reading your last post but found the place closed in the afternoon. Ended up at the ramen joint instead. Will try again some other night.

bma said...

Do you mean Noodle House Ken? Incidentally, I recall seeing a "congratulations on your grand opening" bouquet sitting outside Kushigin from none other than Noodle House Ken. I guess folks in good taste hang out together.