Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sarpino's Pizzeria Delivery

Sarpino's Pizza - I think this one was vegetarian?

I'm not a huge fan of thick crusted pizza, so this isn't exactly a favorite of mine, but I'm putting it in here since I need to remember it next time the office needs to order pizza in for lunch - it beats the crap out of that Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza place (interestingly enough though, Sarpino's is apparently a Canadian chain). The ingredients here at Sarpino's are leaps and bounds more generous and tasty than Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza, even when reheated in the microwave like I did today.

Given the choice, I still prefer places like Casa Roma or Pasta Fresca for pizza. But I don't think those are exactly the "mass delivery" type of joints, so the next time we need pizza delivery to the office, my vote is for Sarpino's (for lack of a better choice).


Tym said...

Sarpino's is definitely the best for delivery. We haven't ordered from anyone else since Sarpino's started delivering to our area.

For dine-in options, pizzas at Da Paolo's are tasty too.

lol said...

why don't you go da paolo or spizza instead? They are miles better than casa roma or pasta fresca!

Anonymous said...

So what's the delivery nos.??

bma said...

Spizza used to be one of my favorites with its great thin crispy crust (and in fact, Spizza was one of my suggestions to my co-workers as a better choice than Canadian 2 For 1). But the ham pizza that I had there was a bit on the salty side, whereas taste of the cheese and mushrooms on that prosciutto pizza at Casa Roma totally blew me away. I haven't had Da Paolo's pizza yet, but I heard that it was pretty good (I've had good experiences with their pasta). And I never thought that I would like Pasta Fresca, but my experiences at the Boat Quay shop have been good so far (I heard that they can be inconsistent from location to location though).

I didn't list the number for Sarpino's as it was my co-workers that ordered the pizza, but a quick phonebook lookup shows them at 6346-4812 (29 East Coast Road). I'd reiterate though that - as one of the comments pointed out above too - Sarpino's is only my choice if I were forced to have pizza delivered. If I were able to dine out instead, then there are plenty of better choices (especially if you prefer thin crusts like I do).

Kathy said...

The problem with spizza is that they aren't really consistent. I had burnt pizza at the club street brunch before.

Their menu looks good in theory, i.e: the way the pair up their ingrdients but it is their fluctuating quality that peeves you.

Pasta Fresca was pretty good, but only at the Boat Quay branch. I once had a seafood dish at the Scotts branch, and the prawns were actually shrimp the size of chinese dried shrimp!!

Spizza and Pasta Fresca should take a note on how to expand without compromising on quality from Da Paolo.

Anonymous said...

modestos thin crusted pizzas' are just the yummos... simple but full flavoured. favourite is anchovies & chillies, rucola & parma ham, mushrooms & sundried tomatoes... plenty of varieties and toppings to choose. *burp!*

1 Tanglin Road #01-09/10
Orchard Parade Hotel
Singapore 247905
Tel: 6235 7808

buon appetito!