Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Oishi Japanese Pizza

Teriyaki Beef Pizza

Ugh. This just did not resonate with me. This place here in Singapore (9 Lock Road #02-01, 6555-5656) serves pizza but with Japanese ingredients (claiming to be famous in Japan), featuring things like wasabi seafood, Japanese curry chicken, and ika (squid) on pizza. It sounded a bit sketchy to me, but the convenience of home delivery was required tonight, so I made the call.

Although it looked interesting with its drizzled mayonnaise and nori & bonito flakes for toppings instead of cheese and chili peppers, the unagi and leek pizza just hit me in the face with that fishy taste - whoa. I guess I should have expected that knowing that it was unagi, but still, it was very unnatural to have a fishy taste on pizza (maybe because my brain is so accustomed to thinking of a more traditional pizza). Even though the teriyaki beef pizza (actually, it was ground beef) tasted much better, the fishy taste of the unagi just ruined the entire thing for me. The delivery service didn't make things any better: they told me on the phone that they would require 45-60 minutes; the delivery guy took 1 hour and 40 minutes, took cash only, and then didn't have small change to give me (thus forcing him to run down to the convenience store to get change). Yuck. I don't think I'm ordering from these guys again - I'll stick to Sarpino's.

That's really too bad. With the one exception of Mos Burger, I've found Japanese localization to usually produce food that is in many ways even better than the original: witness ramen/chahan/gyoza, Japanese curry, and yakiniku. I guess Mos Burger and Oishi Pizza stay off that list for me - ugh!


Venitha said...

Okay. Even I know better than to expect Japanese pizza to be anything but heinous. =)

Redivivus said...

That really doesn't sound very tasty AT ALL. However, good on you for giving it a go. I don't think I would dare order that. Fishy pizza... it's just counter-intuitive. Very colourful blog though. Great pics of the food. Are those really mostly mobile pics? The quality is really good. If so, I might start relying on my phone rather than lugging my digi cam around. :)

Kathy said...

Perhaps Unagi is best eaten in restaurants and you should stick to the "junk" interpretations like chicken & mayo? Instead of "gourmet" interpretations where the quality of the ingredients would matter.

Last time i tried calling Oiishi pizza, I got to their voice message and it asked me to leave a number for them to call back. Now that killed my interest in this place.