Sunday, October 30, 2005

Currywurst and other Berlin Pickings

Two kinds of mustard

Slyrs’er Kaes und ZwiebelrahmsuppeWe stopped by Weihenstephaner this afternoon to pick up some beer and pretzels (two kinds of mustard, one sweet and one more like dijon) as well as the Slyrs’er Kaes und Zwiebelrahmsuppe, a cheese-based soup with onions. To my disappointment, the soup didn’t quite have as much of a cheese stank as the meal last night, but I still gobbled it up quickly.


The street-facing grillFinally, I nibbled on a currywurst on the way back too. This is another Berlin late-night type of snack. I had envisioned it as a curry-seasoned meat packed into the sausage, but it’s actually just a regular sausage with curry powder sprinkled on top as well as loads of ketchup. I didn’t think I would really like it since I don’t really like ketchup, but it was actually OK since the sausage was reheated in a piping hot oil, giving it a mildly crispy greasy element to add to the curry powder taste. It was only 1.60 Euros (US$1.90), so it’s definitely a post-drinking grease bomb rather than anything elegant.

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