Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hasir (Turkish food), Berlin

From top: kuver flat breads, humus, and cacik

With the huge Turkish population here in Berlin, it’s no surprise that there are some nice restaurants around too (not just the late nite Doner Kebab places). Hasir (Oranienburger Strasse 4, 2804-1616) is a family-run spot that we hit up, starting with the obligatory humus (a great sesame topping) and kuver sesame flat breads. Cacik, a yogurt-based cucumber dip (kinda like Indian raita, but with dill weed - is that a European localization?), was also great for dipping.


My main course was the beyti, or “minced lamb barbecued on a skewer, seasoned with slices of radish.” I still prefer Persian kebabs instead as they seem more pure to me, and don’t necessarily have all the extra spices and stuff. Or maybe this place just undercooked it a bit (the rice was also a bit mushy). It was still good to have though, especially with my favorite grilled vegetables (the peppers were spicy), and even huge radish slices. I got a bit excited to eat the onions too, but it was interspersed with parsley, which is something that I absolutely abhor (and thus obviously don't like Lebanese tabbouleh).

Turkish TeaWe finally finished the meal with some Turkish tea. It wasn’t quite as spicy as I was hoping (there was more of a tea taste than spices), but it was nonetheless good to have.


Mister Sally said...

i absolutely loved Hasir!

Anonymous said...

It is a very interesting blog. Being an Indian living in Poland, and traveling around all kinds of places I fully understand the bit about 'itineraries around eateries'