Sunday, October 30, 2005

Honigmond, Berlin

Hausgemachte Koenigsberger Kloptze

This place (Borsigstrasse 28, 2844-5512) has some history behind it, as it has been around since 1920, and apparently was frequented by many a East German politician back in the days, only to be started up again in 1995. They are largely a Central European place, featuring things like cheese fondue, among others, but it looks like they are going more “international,” judging by the alfalfa sprouts used in a few of the dishes.

Kartoffel-Lauchcreme mit CroutonsRegardless, the food was rich and filling. I started with the Kartoffel-Lauchcreme mit Croutons (potato and leek soup), which was really thick but full of flavor (gotta love the leek and crouton toppings). From there I moved on to the Hausgemachte Koenigsberger Kloptze (homemade Prussian meatballs in a caper cream sauce), which pretty much tasted like they looked. The portions at German restaurants tend to be pretty big though, and I had trouble finishing everything, especially considering the steamed potatoes and mixed green salad on the side.

KoestritzerAfter just a couple days though, I’m getting rather of all these heavy German meat dishes. I was surprised to find some German beers that I liked though (I’m not a huge fan of Pilsners), including a dark one called Koestritzer. It suited my tastes as it was fuller bodied with little or no hops, although I admittedly still prefer even more satisfying English ales instead.


Anonymous said...

Sure looks delicious!! Nham nham..

Anonymous said...

Came across your blog last week, good stuff.

On a side note, I have decided this morning to go to Berlin in a few months time. Then visited your blog and picked your monthly archive at random to read and found the food of ... Berlin. Uncanny, I tell you.