Monday, May 06, 2024

Japan’s Yomoda Curry at AmiYaki in Singapore

Butabara Yomoda Curry

So it looks like the AmiYaki folks are related to the Yomoda Soba people after all. Part of their menu is now dedicated to Yomoda Curry, which is apparently award-winning and presumably based on the soba shop's broth.

I was surprised to find though that it was watery-thin, making it more like a soup curry than a thick one. What was weirder was that those chicken drumlets on top were stone cold, like they were pulled straight out of the fridge.

Well, I still ate it all, especially since those thin slices of grilled pork were kinda nice, and my side of natto came in a super generous serving. I won't come back for the curry, but the pork slices would be worth coming back for, especially since they have dropped gindara from their menu.

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