Saturday, April 08, 2023

House of Thai - Boat Noodle at Parklane Shopping Mall

Thai Spicy Boiled Egg Salad

There are a pair of Thai shops on the second floor of Parklane Shopping Mall, and I stepped into the more plushly decorated one on the right because of the boat noodle suffix (35 Selegie Road #02-04). It's too bad then the boat noodles were so watered down that I had to spike it with extra fish sauce and chili, and yet still couldn't make it exciting. The meat was dry and tough too. That boiled egg salad above fared a little better, but it was basically just like it looked: hard boiled eggs with some Thai garnish, and not anything to go out of one's way for. Next time I'll go to the other shop with those plastic tablecloths; I only realized afterwards that they have boat noodles too.

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