Friday, August 05, 2022

Wu Wang Guo Hot Pot at Chinatown Point

Brunch Set Meal

Another hotpot place opened earlier this year on the upper floors of Chinatown Point (133 New Bridge Road #03-09, 6227-0309). Like Haidilao, they are open until the wee hours of the morning, and also have lunch specials running at S$18.80 (US$13.70) with a quarter pot of broth.

The food was fine, but my cheap-bastard-hack of not paying for dipping sauces had its limits: it took a while for me to coax the taste of pork and vegetables into the plain water, and I still had to spike it with sodium from my selected mala broth.

Moreover, the money that I saved from the dipping sauce was offset by them upselling me on a big plate of pork that was on sale as part of a National Day promotion. I'd rather go to downstairs to Taikoo Lane for an easy hot pot lunch, but this place might come in handy when avoiding the huge crowds at Haidilao at night.

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