Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Artichoke on Middle Road (In Person This Time)

Abalone Mushrooms and Israeli Potato Salad

I ordered delivery from these guys during the lockdown last year and liked it, but never made the effort to go dine on-site. Well, today I was nearby and was able to walk in, and was happy with what I had, including not just those mushrooms above (those are falafel crumbs topping the potato salad in the upper left corner, in case you're wondering), but also a nice plate of BBQ clams, even if they were rather expensive.

Actually, this place is a bit rough around the edges, including not just the gruff receptionist, but also a good portion of my clams arrived with broken shells, leaving some crunchy surprises in there. And the food is not as delicate as Miznon, which is in a class of its own, especially their ethereal pita. But I was still happy to mop the plates clean here with their bread, and the speed at which everything came out was a nice bonus too.

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