Thursday, January 06, 2022

Santi’s Pizza & Produce on Telok Ayer Street

Grilled Squid (Spicy)

Sarnies is a popular coffee shop that I've never bothered to go to, mainly because their sandwich-centric menu just sounded too heavy. But they recently opened another shop next door called Santi's (138 Telok Ayer Street). It's still rather carb-focused with all of its pizza and pasta, but I was particularly curious about that grilled squid above. I stopped by tonight to give it a try.

Yes, I liked it. Granted, the squid wasn't as fresh as it could've been, but I liked how they weren't afraid to hold back on the sodium nor butter, making it go nicely with some drinks as well as their colorful heirloom tomatoes. Eventually I gave in and ordered some of their house bread just to mop everything up with, and it turned out to be the best item of the night with its chewy dough. I will have to try their pizza one day then.

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