Sunday, November 28, 2021

Trying Out Fresh Hawthorn Berries from China

Fresh Hawthorn Berries

I never knew what a hawthorn berry was. I mean, I know what Chinese haw flake candies taste like, as well as the hawthorn drinks that I come across at places like herbal tea shops. But I'd never seen the original fresh fruit before. So when Cold Storage had these on display the other day, I grabbed a box.

They are not very easy to eat, mainly because of a cluster of small seeds in there. They are around the size of grape seeds, but firmer like an apple seed. And I never knew this until now, but apparently both apple and hawthorn seeds have a bit of cyanide in them, although you'd have to chew on a lot of them to reach toxic levels.

The flesh was not as juicy as I had hoped, but mushy and powdery instead. Yes, that made it reminiscent of haw flake candy, but without the added sugar, so it was much less sweet. I didn't get very far with this box before throwing the rest out.

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