Monday, September 27, 2021

Thai Dry Rice Porridge from Moo Station in Singapore

Khao Tom Haeng

Just to the left of the nameless Teochew fishball noodle stall at the Wiseng Food Place kopitiam lies this team serving a dish called khao tom haeng (462 Crawford Lane #01-29). I don't think I've ever had khao tom haeng before, but it is from Phuket, and from what I could tell it was like a paofan that had been strained. It sounded weird, but the rice was pretty savory, presumably after having sat in the broth for a while. And I kinda liked the crumbly texture of the rice too, so much that it'd make for a nice meal after a night of boozing. But I didn't really care that much for the other things that came with it, so I don't know if I'd eat this when sober either.

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