Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Japan's Sen-Ryo at ION Orchard, Singapore

Sen-Ryo Sushi

For some reason, most of the online chatter about this chain from Japan and Hong Kong is about how affordable it is (2 Orchard Turn #03-14, 6974-6782). I found it rather pricey though, like a single piece of their namesake sushi above going for S$8.80 (US$6.60). Sure, it features a piece of uni on there, but if I had ordered what I really wanted, the bill would've easily gone into triple digit territory.

Fortunately, I came at lunch time, and was able to order their special bento for S$29.50 (US$22.90). It featured nine different items, all beautifully arranged, and all featuring quality produce. But it was hard to get excited about it, espeically with the heavily vinegared bowl of rice that they gave. I'd rather go to Numazu Uogashizushi, Ikeikemaru, or even Tomi Sushi, as they don't try so hard to make themselves look so upscale.

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