Saturday, May 15, 2021

Ebi Bar at Cuppage Plaza in Singapore

Signature Chao Da Charred Ebi Noodles

Despite the name and location, this place (5 Koek Road #B1-21) serves local prawn noodles, and an upscale version at that. Those fresh gigantic prawns were the highlight of it all, as they were grilled with a nice smoky aroma. The broth wasn't quite as aggressive as I was expecting, but it was still savory, and actually worked with their "broth booster" oils. I didn't really care for the noodles, bean sprouts, nor chicken though, which means that I'd rather get the Naked Finn's bowl. But I wouldn't mind eating those prawns again.

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(^-_-^) said...

Unfortunately, Naked Finn is ending their lunch programme, and with it, the Prawn Noodles.