Monday, May 24, 2021

Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan in Tanjong Pagar

Salmon Confit

There are a lot of fine dining places that have had to resort to delivery services during the pandemic, but this one was particularly interesting. He does a reasonably-priced two day dinner package for two people on weekends, and like his restaurant (61 Tras Street, 6224-4188), the dishes keep changing depending on the ingredients on hand.

This past weekend's meal consisted of a range of delicious items, like a duck breast and leg plate as well as pork tenderloin and cheek, all dressed up with fun things like foie gras, chicharron, and prosciutto, not to mention a lot of sauces and even microgreens. It was all very high quality and delicious, and even included dessert.

One needs to keep in mind though that some assembly is required, including heating up the sous vide bags in water, plus an occasional pan fry, not to mention plating it all up to look pretty too. That made it better than takeout since it was served at the right temperature and texture, but next time I need to be more mentally prepared this this is not a ready to eat meal and takes some effort.

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