Friday, March 12, 2021

The Jiankang Shucai Mo from Qin Ji Rougamo

Jiankang Shucai Mo

I've never liked the roujiamo at Qin Ji. Despite how awesome the crispy flaky carbs were, it was always ruined by the mucilagenous gravy that came with the meat. I wised up this time though, as I noticed a "healthy" vegetable option. And yay, it wasn't gooey! If anything, it was laced with a delightful touch of huajiao, making me gobble this thing down in seconds. I've finally figured out the right things to order at Qin Ji: the liangpi, along with this. But then it's no longer correct to call it roujiamo.

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abubblybubble said...

the veg is the best!