Sunday, February 28, 2021

The Ootoro from Sushiro Singapore


Ootoro wasn't exactly my first choice at Sushiro today, especially since this piece had literally lapped us on the conveyor belt at least two or three times already. But each time, that marbled fat glistening under the (florescent) light kept grabbing my attention, and eventually I gave in and snagged it.

Yes, it was nice and fatty, and I couldn't help but make an evil grin when noticing the little puddles of fat that had gathered on the plate. The fat also made for a nice moisturizer as it coated my lips on the way in. It wasn't the best texture, but hey, at only S$4.80 (US$3.60), who's complaining?

Note to self: grab the nodoguro again if it's still on the list of specials next time, as it was pleasantly smoky, rich, and salty.

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